Mount and blade france 1431 мод по торренту, землю мертвых 2 для компьютера

Year 1431 (MCDXXXI) was a common year starting on Monday of the Julian calendar. Events edit January–December edit January 9 – Pretrial investigations for Joan of Arc begin in Rouen, France. After the lifting of the siege of Orleans and the Battle of Patay , the Anglo- Burgundian noose . For the first time in the history of France, the king let the crown pass to his eldest son. . of the canonization of Joan of Arc, a series of plaques was mounted on the route that Joan followed to retake Reims and crown Joan of Arc is interrogated by The Cardinal of Winchester in her prison 1431. Painting by Paul Delaroche (1797-1856). The trial of Joan of Arc, which was overseen by an English-backed church court at Rouen, . Considered a French national heroine, she was declared a saint by the Roman Catholic Church

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